Practice Areas

Commercial & Civil Trials

Comprehensive legal advisory on commercial and civil matters, inheritance law, national and international commercial contracts.

Corporate Law

Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions advisory. Corporate structures, joint government and others.

Administrative & Municipal Law

Administrative procedures, governmental and municipal contracting, public tenders, sanctions and administrative claims.

Labor Trails & Collective Bargaining

Hiring of workers, accounting audit and preventive legal compliance, dispute resolution, collective bargaining, corporate policies.


Prevention of tax risks, tax compliance and efficient tax solutions advisory.

Foreign Investment

Foreign investment mechanisms advisory, efficient corporate and tax organization, according with national legislation, international treaties and double taxation agreements.

Banking & Business Matters

Legal advisory on financial transactions and operations on regulatory issues at national or international financial institutions.


Life insurance companies, general and credit insurance and others, in their relationship with the Superintendency of Securities and Insurance.

Business Advisory

National and international companies, concrete and integral solutions to the measure of the particular needs and the effective understanding of business.

Judicial & Arbitral Conflicts

Conflict settlements in civil and commercial disputes of public and private order, consumer rights, national and international arbitration.

Family Rights

Extensive experience in family law, divorce, financial compensation, communication regime, alimony, personal care, parental authority and other similar matters.

Criminal Law

Criminal litigation, development of strategies in police, prosecutorial and judicial investigations.